A new sales position can be intimidating, writes Doug O’Grady of Sales Force Recruitment Agency.  “Not only do you need to impress your new employer, but you also need to meet your own sales goals and build rapport with customers.”   A Fortune Magazine statistic has pointed out that 46% of new employees leave or is fired within 18 months.  This stat alludes to the fact that there is a tremendous amount at stake.  So how do you conquer the first day?  According to O’Grady, it’s all about preparation.  Before you step foot in the office, research the company, its products, as well as the target market.  This prep work will certainly be noticed.  Wendy Connick, contributing writer for About.com, places importance on absorbing as much as possible in an active way.  Figure out what you need to know.  Similar to research beforehand, taking the initiative will impress your new boss.  Alternatively, Ritika Trikha, a writer for CareerBliss, focuses on the long term.  Her article titled, “9 Steps to Acing the First 90 Days on the Job” is a great look at tackling your first day impression and making it a lasting one.

Trikha creates a check list of sorts to help you become a vital member of the team.  The nine points vary from showing enthusiasm to taking time to have lunch with people.  All the tips are achievable, even in the most hectic of work environments.  It certainly is not too late to implement these now, even if you are well established in a position.


  1. Constructive Criticism is a Must

Let your boss know you are open to feedback, both positive and negative.  And not just at your formal review.

  1. Expectations

Be honest about what you are capable of doing.  As Trikha says, “If you lie about your level of expertise in Photoshop, then all the tasks you have to do involving this program are going to be harder than you can handle.”

  1. Company Culture

Observe the communication style of your new company.  Show that you are a good fit.

  1. Goals

Make sure you and your new boss are on the same page.  Set goals and do your best to achieve them.  Communicate well and communicate often as you strive to achieve them.

  1. Update Your Social Media.

Show your enthusiasm by updating your Linkedin profile.

  1. Know Office Logistics

Make an effort to learn the lay out so you are not pestering those around you.  Key players are: IT/Tech, HR, and the company directory.

  1. Network

Lunch is the perfect time to meet new people and create valuable connections.  Let those around you get to know you better.

  1. Gossip

Don’t get caught up in the office gossip, especially if it happened prior to your arrival.  You are there to prove your expertise.  Take the initiative to exit if things get to gossipy as Trikha puts it.

  1. Be Enthusiastic

Adjustments are never going to be completely seamless.  Remember to smile amidst the chaos.  There will be troubles, but those around you will notice how you handle each situation.