There are many factors that play into finding the perfect candidate to fill each position.  There are also many opinions and philosophies on how it is best to find those candidates.  Here’s a note from one of SRI’s most talented recruiters and his perspective on finding the right candidate:


“Over my 13 year career I have  spoken with hundreds, probably thousands of hiring managers and staffing specialists who are inquiring about my services in possibly helping them locate their next sales superstar.

At some point in that initial conversation I will be asked the age old question, How Big Is your Database??  I understand the validity of that question, and I have not problem answering it.(for those of you are wondering my database has 37,891 resumes in it and growing!)

My answer to that questions usually goes something like this “ My DataBase Consists of close to 40,000 resumes, but honestly even if my database had 400,000 resumes in it, my end of the year billings would probably not change much, I work with sales people, some of which don’t even have resumes.

Perhaps if my focus was placing computer programmers in a specific zip code, that question might be important one to ask but not so much when you are searching for sales talent.

What’s most important is not the size of the data base but the recruiter that is going to be doing the work, and not how many resumes they are going to look at.

Perhaps a better question to ask that recruiter these days is how many Linked In Contacts you have.”


For additional information on Jeff Trail and his role as Senior Executive Recruiter at SRI contact him directly.  His many years of experience in the recruitment industry enable him to stand out from competition and truly lead him to recruit and place the greatest talent for every client.


Jeff Traill, Senior Executive Recruiter

Sales Recruiters, Inc., NAF

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