1. Constant email checking- Email kills time, and a lot of time.  Commit to checking your inbox 2 or 3 times daily and that’s it.  Turn off all notifications and focus on what really needs to be done, rather than responding to a bunch of emails with one-word answers all throughout the day.

2. Lack of Organization- Take an hour and get your workspace organized. Keep what you use daily on your desk, what you use weekly in your desk and what you rarely use in a closet or extra storage space close by.  The little amount of time going to grab a pen from the other side of your office adds up over the days.

3. To-do list- Avoid rewriting daily responsibilities down.  Create a reoccurring checklist with extra space to add additional needs for that day.

4. Commutes– Grab a book, respond to emails, make phone calls, listen to podcast—be proactive about making your commute time count!

5. Unpacking and Packing- Each day you spend time pulling out and putting away your laptop cords, mouse, accessories, etc. to travel from the office- home.  Invest in a second set—one for the office and one for home.  Just grab your laptop and go.

6. Typing- If you can’t type quickly, consider hiring someone to help out and get the lengthy text jobs done.  Theirs is no point in searching for each letter or wondering what “qwerty” even means.  Just get someone to help you out and avoid wasting the time.

7. Pointless meetings- Meeting should motivate you and launch you and your team into moving forward with projects.  If the opposite is happening reschedule the meeting, navigate through ways to culture motivation and success from meetings.

8. Social Media- Learn to limit your social media platform.  If you find yourself constantly checking what celebrity got a new haircut on twitter, or scrolling through the photos being posted of that mornings Starbucks cups on Instagram try setting a page block on your company computer for sites like facebook to help hold you accountable.  Or choose to leave your phone in your coat pocket or bag so you are not tempted to constantly check it.