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Preparing for an Interview

Landing an interview is a greatest first step in receiving a job offer.  But, that’s only the beginning.  It’s time to prepare for the interview to ensure your best!   For starters in prepping for an interview, Research the company, people recruiting, hiring, etc. Know…

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Article – “TO MOVE OR NOT TO MOVE” by Patrick Hedlund

In this economy, come sales and marketing executives are forced to do whatever they can to hold onto their jobs. But being asked to uproot your self to relocate to a new office isn’t an easy decision to make. What do you do if the…

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5 Ways to Generate Office Cheer

It’s no denial many Americas hate their job.  When surveyed over 50% of today’s workforce say their current job is boring and they are unhappy with their coworkers and workplace environment. How can that hatred be changed and a little office cheer bought into your…

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5 Things You Should Never Say at Work

We’ve complied a list from Career Monster of the Top things to avoid saying at work and added our own tips and advice! Avoid using the following five phrases at work and getting “your foot stuck in your mouth”.  You cannot take words back, so…

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