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Social Media in the Office

Our world is plagued, both good and bad, with tweets, comments, post, hashtags and the like.  Social media has been integrated with every form of media and communication.   In many ways, it is the sole form of communication for many. Social media is the source…

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Recovering From Your Worst Hiring Mistakes:

Hiring is a risk, yet hiring and ensuring you made the right hire is a larger risk that does not always work out the way you planned.  There are horror stories of hiring employees who are lazy, steal, lie and the like.  It’s risky to…

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Want Your Resume to be Noticed??

 Have you ever applied for a position and wondered why you never heard a word from the company or recruiter? It’s easy to submit a resume and just wait.  For most jobs, hundreds of resumes flood in and are stacked in a pile to be…

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