Wherever you are in the process of being hired as a sales manager – application, interviewing, background check, follow-up interview, job offer – there are lists of “must haves” on the internet.  It would take hours to comb through the blogs and articles.  Using the most frequently mentioned qualities we have complied a list: Top 5 Qualities Needed to Keep a Job in Sales Management.  After all, the majority of Sales Managers have little management training.  Most were top-tier salespeople promoted to a management position.  Using these 5 qualities you are unlocking your full potential and setting yourself up for a long road of success.


#1) Set goals and Priorities

Strong sales managers are leaders. Leadership skills and sales force retention work hand-in-hand.  If you create an environment where others are inspired you will have strong players on your team for the long haul.  Make clear personal and group goals.  It is easy to get bogged down and lose sight of the larger picture.  Similarly without priorities, you can ignore big opportunities and find yourself chasing small ones.  Whether you are managing your own tasks or coordinating an entire sales team, goals and priorities let you decide what is most important and the best order tackle the work.


#2) Accept Responsibility and Share Credit

A writer and sales manager from SalesForce: Training & Consulting believes, “Praise should always flow down, responsibility should always flow up.”  It is easy for sales managers to abuse their power to cover up mistakes.  Make sure you are quick to give public credit to those who deserve it.  But, criticize in private.  Focus on specific problems and always offer constructive input for improvement.


#3) Delegate

You are only one person.  Use the people working for you.  Find out the strengths of your sales team and put them in opportunities that will allow them to shine.  Learn to work through your salespeople.  Also provide opportunities for your team members to learn.


#4) Be active in social media

Make sure your sales reps are tech savvy.  Top sales reps are using Linkedin.  Newer studies are showing a direct correlation between reps that are social media enthusiasts and revenue as a direct result from the channel.  There are few SPI guidelines in place, you will have to rely on your own instincts to define how you and your reps are making connections and using the channel.


#5) Strength in Writing

Writing (emails, proposals, regerral requests, etc) is the task you do more than anything else.  Strengthen your skills by reading and writing daily.  If you struggle in this department, invest in a writing/grammar class at a local college.  Or ask someone you trust to give you a few pointers.