Excerpts – “Perfect Match-How to Find and Hire the Ideal Salesperson”
from Selling Power Magazine September 2000
Article reviewed and summarized 12/2000

“I would recommend that salespeople looking for jobs find a good employment counselor.” 

“Organizations with mediocre products and that are not willing to compensate sales people effectively will always struggle with turnover, poor attitudes and great difficulties reaching sales targets.” 

Companies that want to recruit top salespeople first need world class customer service, products, and services. Then, …, they must develop a corporate mission and values that compensate, value and respect the importance of salespeople to the organization. 

“…aggressive recruiting is becoming imperative.” 

“Headhunters can be expensive…, but they provide valuable help in qualifying top applicants, particularly if your company’s products are complex and technical.” 

“…one recent survey carried out by Forrester Research reports that employers plan to increase spending on … recruitment 52 percent by 2004.” 

“Great interviewers who look and sound just like your top salespeople, sell themselves better than your product and service because they are more about being liked than winning, but can’t or won’t close.” 

“In selling and marketing, words are the armory of thought that forge the weapons by which economic battles are won.”
Gerhard Gschwandtner, Publisher Selling Power