Article: Setting the Tone for Success!
Interview dressing advice from professional image consultant, Penny Ackerman of Reflections of You.

Going on a job interview? Below are some very simple, yet extremely important things to consider.

SET THE TONE FOR SUCCESS: Your appearance will impact the outcome of the interview. Get the job you deserve by Looking The Part. You do your homework and plan for an interview in so many ways. Become familiar with the culture of the company, research their financial history, and rehearse some answers to questions about your experience. Do you prepare as much for the impression you will give? Does your appearance reflect what is in your resume? If you continue to have doubts about what to wear, ask a person who consults in personal development or is familiar with the company.
NOTE: Attitude can impact as much as appearance — be positive

GOOD GROOMING IS ESSENTIAL: Looking neat and well groomed shows that you take pride in yourself, and will send a message to your potential employer that you will take pride in your job. Prepare what you will wear the night before. Make sure everything is in good repair (shoes shined, clothes pressed, hair freshly cut and washed, new stockings for women)
NOTE: Well manicured nails are imperative for men and women!

FOR WOMEN: A simple uncluttered look is always best. Choose a basic color in a suit or dress that is flattering to you. Your skirt, if short is best an inch above your knee; if long, no longer than just below the calf. Wear a simple blouse or sweater in a soft color, such as cream, white, light blue. Hosiery should match your shoe color, and shoes are best if a plain pump with no more than a 2″ heel. If a scarf is comfortable for you to wear and is something you wish to add for color, wear it simply so you won’t be tempted to fuss with it. Jewelry should be conservative and in good taste.
AVOID: shiny stockings, lace or anything that looks like it came from the bedroom, skirts higher than 2″ above the knee, T-shirts, distracting prints, excessive or noisy jewelry, heels over 2″, sandals, ankle straps or open toed shoes, heavy make-up or cologne.

FOR MEN: A suit is always best, but you may wear a jacket and pants that are complimentary. Stay with neutral colors if you do (navy/gray, tan/brown, black/gray), with a good shirt in a neutral color (white or cream). Your tie should be long enough and conservative in color and print. Shoes appropriate might be a wing tip or such for a matched suit, perhaps a slip on to round out the sports coat and pants. No tassels. Sox should be knee length and match shoe or pant color.
AVOID: bright ties, “T” shirts, sneakers, and heavy aftershave.



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