Summary From US News & World Report Magazine
Article Reviewed 11/99

“In today’s frenzied job market, staying put gets you nowhere. Walking out gets you ahead.” The article clearly defines the status of the current job market. The article further demonstrates that sales and marketing are still good areas of potential growth. Also remarked that “…software companies are looking for salespeople…” The article also reviewed perks for positions and noted that sometimes the perks are better things to negotiate.

One sidebar gave some pointers in using recruiters, including get visible, tell the truth, and stay in touch. As a recruiter, I can attest. Candidates need to be focused on making a career change, keeping me in touch with industry information on the companies they want me to pursue, and not holding back important career necessities. These are strong points in increasing my candidates chances of finding the best career opportunity.

On the humorous side, US News and World Report printed a funny sidebar:
Ten signs that it’s time to go.

  1. You spend your entire raise on a celebratory six-pack.
  2. Your new project leader is so young that he thinks Credence Clearwater Revival is a Pentecostal church in West Virginia.
  3. You get more calls from headhunters than from the boss.
  4. When you ask about the stock options, you are given the choice of blue or black ballpoint pens.
  5. The company spends more on the executive retreat than on research and development.
  6. You see your office PC at the Smithsonian.
  7. Your only friend at work is the UPS man.
  8. Your long-awaited promotion means taking on the workload of the guy who just quit.
  9. The continuing-education program is the Learning Channel on the break-room TV.
  10. You’re reading this aren’t you.