Sales Recruiters and Barclay Personnel are two of less than a dozen recruiting firms designated NAF (NAPS Accredited Firm).

We understand that your people are your most valuable asset, and working to find, hire and retain the best people to meet your needs takes true commitment. The NAF certification demonstrates that commitment – and means you don’t have to take a recruiting firm’s word for it – by specifically requiring:

Commitment to certification
A required number of employees must hold the CPC or CTS designation. These certifications represent evidence of adherence to the highest ethical principles and standards of recruiting.

Commitment to education
Ongoing education requirements must be met by attending association education programs, attending training classes inside or outside the office, taking post-secondary courses relevant to staffing or recruiting, professional reading, etc., and attendance at NAPS programs. This dedication to education ensures that we bring enthusiasm and fresh ideas, as well as experience, to every effort we make on your behalf.

Commitment to the profession
The firm must be a member of NAPS or any professional association of staffing or recruiting firms. In addition, at least one employee must have served as an officer, director or committee member of any such association during the past two years, delivered a presentation at an association’s educational function, or written an article for industry publication, thereby demonstrating dedication to the profession. This means we are at the forefront of our industry, offering substantiated expertise that you can rely on.

Commitment to free enterprise
The firm or an owner must be a member of an organization such as a Chamber of Commerce or National Federation of Independent Businesses, which has among its purposes the advancement or protection of the free enterprise system.

Commitment to the community
A required number of employees must actively participate in community service, such as walks in support of AIDS or cancer research, feeding the homeless or service on behalf of scouting organizations.

Certification demonstrates that the recruiting firm offers excellence in service and adheres to the highest ethical standards. Its recruiters are up to date on current employment laws and procedures as well as business operations, and offer credibility and steadfastness.

Commitment is not something you should have to take for granted in a recruiter. The NAF certification means you won’t.