It might surprise you, but more than 80% of the North American workforce has marked their New Years Resolutions down: GET A NEW JOB.

Resumes get updated, networking begins and the pursuit to find a new job is heavy on the minds of many. It’s a whole slue of reasons for looking for different employment… too long of a commute, not enough pay, poor office culture, etc.

When it comes to retaining your employees this new year, there’s a few things your employees want. It’s not too complicated, things you want too.


Time off. It seems silly, but people need time away to recharge and reset. Time fully away – email and iphones off, totally mentally separated from the daily happenings at the office. Work towards ensuring this kind of rest and recovery happens for all your employees.


Consistency.  People want to know you’ve heard them as their manager, boss, etc. What they ask for matters. Follow through with what you hear and commit to – pay increase, assisting on a project, attending a meeting.  Whatever it might be, employees depend and thrive on your consistency.


Management they don’t see as toxic. Sounds simple, but employees leave quicker than an other reason due to a toxic manager they’re reporting to.  Find and build a team of managers and employees who gel.


Ultimately, you can motivate your employees with reviewing and redefining the goals for the New Year. Start fresh, dream bigger – keep your mission focused, but the day to day of how it happens might need to shift a little in efforts to create a happier work environment and employees who won’t leave.