They might be a college student, but believe it or not, they can help your company in more ways than you think. Summer is coming and students will be looking for opportunities to gain experience – internships as they’re often known.


Is your business small? Too small to have a large 12 step internship program that looks like constant fancy meals, provided housing, extravagant speakers flying in for their benefit and all?

Even if your internship is not a huge program that’s connected to local universities with a 6 month application process, you should still consider hiring.  Even for your small business.


It might be more relevant than ever, that students just want real experience, enough with the fluff and fun.  Work is hard, and it’s essential to learn to work.  So if you’re ready to see your business grow, and help teach the younger generation about the “real world” here’s how we suggest you start!


Create a job outline and stick with it! Find the task and projects this internship will be responsible to cover and let them grow in that process.  Adding in obscure daily task on the fly will produce frustration and a loss of focus.


Give real projects.  Often times interns are given task which are mundane and in the end don’t ever teach essential lessons on developing and implementing projects on their own.  If the project for an intern is cleaning out the office – that’s just a summer job, not an internship for further development. Work to sort out projects for development vs. task.


Enjoy giving feedback. An internship is for the development and learning of a younger employee. Set up weekly meetings to check in and give good and bad feedback on progress. Be open to answer questions and invest a little time in their future.


Look past the GPA when hiring. Sure, it looks great to see a 4.0 GPA on an application, but do they truly love the industry? Find the candidate that is saturated in knowledge and passion for what they will be doing, despite their GPA.


Look early. Start the process for hiring in intern before it’s crunch time. Find the ones that are ahead of the game and looking for an internship before the rush after reality sets in that the summer is coming and they’re going to need a position.