The new year always starts off with a focus on being the best you can be.  You hear radio ads, are flooded with ads on social media, and see commercials about a ‘new year, new you.’  With a kickstart to be healthy in the year 2014, let’s kickstart this quarter with your highest sales yet!  Blast off in 2014 by aiming high for excellence.


Setting clear and attainable goals is a must.  An excellent manager does not just consider goals related to revenue.  You must keep in mind that simply setting and monitoring goals is not enough to produce development in a team.  Setting and analyzing goals that have a long term impact on your sales team is worth your time.  As you measure the progress you will realize that reaching your sales goals are not always just about hitting the numbers.  The Canadian Professional Sales Association urges providing guidance and support in helping your salespeople achieve goals as well as providing praise for perseverance and dedication.


Significant goals in sales are usually centered around four categories: professional development, personal development, productivity, and generation of revenue.  Setting goals concentrated on these areas will round out you as a leader, your team, and will identify areas to improve.  The CPSA lists many examples of questions to ask as you set, monitor, and assess sales goals.  Challenge yourself this quarter to look beyond the numbers.  Set and achieve goals that have a permanent impact on your sales and your team.


Professional Development:

Attend a conference or webinar this month.

Gain knowledge or insight into a new industry/product.

Enroll in a local sales training course.


Personal Development:

Develop a personal habit to increase productivity.

Develop an outlet to deal with rejection.

Develop a positive attitude.



Generate a new lead this week.

Make follow-up calls that you have put off.

Engage both large and small accounts.

Generation of Revenue:

Set a new dollar amount for sale this week.

Conference with employees on a final goal.

Focus on the present, plan for tomorrow.