It’s time to begin rethinking what you may have heard or previously believed.  Many business owners, no matter the size of company, don’t know or realize their need for a Staffing Service or immediately throw out the idea due to a variety of reasons; expected cost, talent, industry specifications, needs and so forth.

Cost: Though you will pay a service fee or hourly mark up to a Staffing Service, you need to keep in mind that they are paying all of the workers’ comp, professional/general liability insurance, state and federal payroll taxes.

Liability: When you hire through a Staffing Service, it is not your employee. Therefore, you have no liability for workers’ comp, professional/general liability, payroll taxes and unemployment claims.

Minimal Commitment: Hiring through a Staffing Service enables you to hire temporary employees easily when you need them. A Staffing Service that specializes in your type of industry and already has the recruitment advertising dollars spent and qualified candidates lined up creates flexibility for you to hire when you need additional employees.

Talent Pool: Working with a Staffing Service you will be placed with candidates that are specifically trained and prepared to invest and work hard in your area of need- whether that be IT, accounting, sales and so forth.  An agency connects you with the best of any candidates.

Time: Your time is valuable and needs to be spent well.  Screening and hiring a candidate consumes an extreme amount of time.  So why not depend and partner with a Staffing Service to recruit and hire for you as well as ensure your time is best used for the advancement of your company and the things that matter most!