It’s happens to every company during one season or another…. You missed your sales goals.  Whether a sales exec, manager or intern, missing the mark feels awful and can run you into a pit of fear and decreased work ethic for seasons to come.


Just because you didn’t meet your goals, doesn’t always mean quick action to change should be taken.  Before making changes, it might be time to stop and reevaluate a number of things.  Often sales managers are mistaken when quickly acting to create change that really won’t lead back to meeting those sales goals next quarter.



Here’s a few of our best practices for sales managers overcoming the aftermath of unmet goals.


  1. Chill Out. Sure the boat sank and goals were left unreached, but don’t hurry and make rash decisions to try and Band-Aid the shortcomings. Spend time researching and evaluating what actually went wrong. Then change just that.
  2. Re-motivate yourself, then your team.  Unless you as a leader are motivated and know that changes can help reach the goals next time, you can’t create an authentic excitement and drive for your team.  Redefine your own motivation and ideas first, then lead others well.
  3. Remove the unnecessary. Evaluate and see what’s being used or processes that directly block the ability to succeed. Are there employees continually pulling down numbers and unable to perform? – Consider what employees and work methods could be removed.