Love your current employees? Then why not hire clones of them? If you love one employee’s work, what is it about them that you find so successful? Likely, it’s not their skillset, but rather their work ethic.  If want to hire employees you’ll be happy with, begin by asking what your best employees are doing differently.


Skills can be taught, but characteristics of work ethic are developed much slower than the skills needed for most jobs.  When designing a job outline for the next hire- it is key to focus on the responsibilities needed to accomplish, but through that, what characteristics would best be able to accomplish those responsibilities?


Often times when hiring, businesses develop job descriptions that do not even encompass what the hire beyond general work skills will need to possess.


See below a few case studies of examples of how job descriptions are typically left blank and void of actual skills needed for the job.


Case Study #1: Telemarketing Sales Company

Position Hiring: Sales Rep

Work Scope: Meet sales goals set by sales managers within first quarter by developing monthly targeting plans for territories with 20 highest potential accounts. Additionally, commitment to preliminary needs – analysis reports, policy development, administrative correspondence.

Job Description: 5-10 years of sales experience. BS required. Able to meet quotas.


Case Study #2: Security Engineering Consultant 

Position Hiring: Business Development Manager

Work Scope: Accountable for identifying, creating, capturing and managing business opportunities through Security Engineering Consultants, Architects and Engineers.  Plan and organize business plan by identifying key security specifics and end user prospects.

Job Description: 4-8 years of sales experience. Outstanding selling and interpersonal skills. BS required. Ability to travel up to 50%.