Have you ever heard anyone ask this question: “Should I quit my job I hate before finding a new one?”  Maybe you have asked that question before, or are currently in a situation where you are not finding satisfaction from your employment.  The Senior columnist from CareerCast.com, Taunee Besson, has written an excellent article laying to rest some fears associated with job hunting and provides several tips to help you stay focused and maintain your momentum.


The article opens with the age old wisdom: you should never quit one job until you have another.  The reason is obvious, potential employers don’t want to hire people who aren’t working.  In an economy where a steady job is precious, you really need to weigh your options carefully before making a decision to leave.  Besson confesses, if you decide to quit now and deal with the consequences later, you can expect to be job hunting for several months.  So what’s the good news?  Times have changed.  No longer is someone without a job less desirable as a potential employee.  With so many qualified employees laid off, the stigma attached to being out of work has diminished considerably.  Besson continues, writing, “employers are coming around to the notion that many applicants have been pink-slipped for reasons beyond their control.”  This means your lack of a job won’t necessarily count against you.


Make sure you are prepared mentally and financially for the job hunt experience.  Unemployment can be mentally trying.  But, as Besson reasons, feeling a little “frayed” might be a small price to pay for the chance to escape your current job.  Stay focused no matter your decision to stay or leave during your job hunt.  Besson provides 5 suggestions to help:


1. Rely on family, friends, hobbies, and volunteer work to provide a positive identity.

2. Avoid becoming a “searchaholic”.

3. Structure your days; network, send resumes and thank you notes, exercise, etc.

4. Confront your expectations.  Be real and honest.

5. Believe in yourself.  Perseverance will see you through the tough times.