When you find yourself in a jam and need to find a new job it’s never easy, and it can be confusing to know where to start. You might know what kind of job you are looking for or where you’d like your career path to lead, but how do you get there is the big question with many hurdles and battles of uncertainty to face.  With the digital world always expanding, there are hundreds of ways to begin trying to find a job. But where do you even start??

We’ve complied a list of great resources and ideas for how to start your job search that could end up leading you to a happy career.

1. Connect with a staffing service or recruiter. Making personal contact with an agency or service that is continually in the business of connecting employers with employees is a great start.  Make contact and give your resume to a recruiter who might have a position that you would be well suited for.  Check back and see what other positions thy may be recruiting for during the duration of your job search, there might be one that’s a great fit for you.

2. Take advantage of resources like indeed.com and monster.com where job listings are frequently updated. Upload your resume and apply for any positions you are qualified for.

3. Register and involve yourself on multiple social media outlets and begin connecting.  Be sure and check out our blog on how social media can be used for job searching and in the office place.

4. Pay for an ad in your local newspaper. To increase the chances of your ad getting viewed by a larger number of hiring managers, you can post an ad in the online and print versions of your local newspaper. List your skills and talents in the ad. Run your ad for a week and measure the results. If hiring managers telephone or email you in response to your ad consider running the ad for another week or until you find a job.

5. Search your community for hiring fairs and events that you can meet and build contacts with employers around the area.  Specifically, follow up with those you meet and thank them for their time, attaching your resume.

Finding a new job is possible and can be a great experience with the right tools.  Take full advantage of the resources offered by hiring companies to help you receive an interview.  Maintain a great attitude and continually work hard towards landing a great new position.