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Rookie Managing Mistakes: Skip Out On the Worst of Them

So you were hired as a sales manager. Then you hired more employees to help bear the loan of business development. Somewhere along the way you’ve gone from a few employees to double digits and growing pains are a real thing you’re facing while a…

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Bust Boredom One Sales Pitch At A Time:

Reflect on the past 5 to 10 years of life. Boredom? Maybe. The most exhausting seasons of life are often submerged in complete boredom driving you to more tiredness and lack of satisfaction from day to day.  Boredom hits us all – from CEO to…

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Let’s Fire, Before You Hire

Is there that one person on your team that causes more stress to you than all the rest combined? The one that continually needs checking up on? Or maybe the one that is just the “weak link”?   It might be time to say “adios”…

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