If you’re being left in the dust because your resume seems blank with no degree application after application, its time to step up and edit your resume to show who you really are.  Having educational credentials is never frowned upon, but does not have to be the be all end all. Follow these tips to move forward on your resume and show more impressive than those with educational credentials.


List out your strongest credentials. What projects have you successfully completed and what were the outcomes of those? List them out and highlight your real work experience. It might just be that an employer is looking for real work experience more than an education.


Be sure and list these strong accomplishments and your entire work history before your education information.  Prove your work performance has been outstanding and that you would be an asset to a company.


Highlight Alternative Education and Training. Even if you’ve not completed a formal degree, highlight training programs you may have completed or  any professional development.  Consider any job- related training, certifications, conferences ,in-service trainings, seminars, etc and even self-directed study to list.


List all in-progress education. Any college courses completed or in-progress courses, be sure and list out stating when a degree is expected to be obtained.


Lastly, it might just be time to consider returning to school. If you’re continually unable to find employment in an industry that excites you, check into a local university or community college and get on a path that leads towards a degree.