Do you dread sales calls?  Minda Zetlin, a business technology writer, speaker, and the president of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, encourages you to conquer your fear of pitching total strangers.  She provides 7 tips to get outside your comfort zone and get over “sales-call reluctance.”  It could be overwhelming to implement all the tips at one time.  However, if you take time and conquer each tip successfully, you will find yourself a more effective, more comfortable salesperson.


Tip 1: Embrace your role.

You are a salesperson.  Many people resist this title.  But, Zetlin encourages to think about a salesperson as a person who solves problems for profit.  Looking at it this way, “about everyone you know is in sales,” she writes.


Tip 2: You have value.

You also have to believe what you are selling has value.   As an individual, you must be convinced that you offer something unique to your customer.  Your job is to convince the customer that when matched with this product/service they will gain great value.  You must believe in your own value, writes Zetlin.  When a person on the other end of the phone is not receptive, it can’t knock you down.


Tip 3: Daily goals are a must.

Being proactive should be a daily task.  Many experts encourage having a daily number of people that you want to reach.  This can be via e-mail, phone, social media, etc.  The key is to make this a priority.


Tip 4: Focus on the client.

Your script should focus on the client, not on you.  Have a trusted mentor help you adjust your script if necessary so it makes an impact.


Tip 5: Messages must be effective.

Zetlin says a must of being comfortable with sales calls is to learn the art of leaving irresistible messages.  Entice clients with numbers, with a metric in the value statement.  At the end of the message always actually ask the prospective client to call you back.  If not asked, often the prospect won’t call.


Tip 6: Record your conversations.

It is vital for you to take time to listen to how you sound.  Zetlin mentions, “. . .73 percent [of the communication] is in their tone.”  Review your messages, review conversations.  This will give you a chance to reflect on your words and your voice quality.


Tip 7: Follow up.

If you don’t get a response, keep trying.  Take action by calling for periods of time leaving messages intended to inspire action on the client’s end.  Not all will respond, but many do.  Don’t just give up because you are not getting responses in the time frame you think opportune.