Hiring for the New Year may be your best move.  Perhaps it’s time to resolve to making a stand out hire which will help to have sales goals met and company growth happen.  But where do those stand out hires come from?   It’s not an easy or quick process to find top talent that not only has the skillset for success but fits your companies culture.  There’s many pieces to the puzzle with offers and counteroffers, benefits and background checks when making a hire that can all seem overwhelming.

As the hiring market continually changes and it become harder than ever for business of all sizes to hire, we, Sales Recruiters, Inc, are a catalysts for helping our clients navigate the turbulent waters of recruiting, staffing, and retention.


Here’s just 3 reasons we’ve seen hiring become harder than ever for businesses of all sizes:

  1. It’s too late to train. Many businesses wait until after a new hire is really needed – then at full speed ahead they are trying to interview anyone that has the exact skillset and qualifications they need rather than look at the personal characteristics (i.e. work ethic, cultural office fit, etc) of each candidate and consider how they could be trained to match your business needs and beyond.
  2. Small businesses often change their course. Hiring employees is a huge responsibility for employers. Everything from compensations, benefits and beyond leaves employers really questioning if the risk in hiring is worth it.  Add to it, if a small business is in its infancy stage, the risk of failure is constantly on the minds of employers.  Along with calculating the risk of hiring, small businessees at times hire the wrong candidates and in the end pay for their mistakes.
  1.  The market of candidates seems bare. When looking to hire on your own, the market of candidates you have apply for any given job opening can be shocking at times. It’s time consuming to shuffle through resumes with no experience or relevancy to the open position.  Working with a recruiting service provider can eliminate the lack of valid candidates. Recruitment providers have years of candidates in their database and know the candidates beyond what can be displayed in an interview.



As the New Year arrives, you are resolving to a whole list of to-dos and don’ts to meet success head-on.  Hiring doesn’t have to be a “to-do” and hiring the wrong candidates doesn’t have to be your story of the New Year like it may have been over the past years.

With our combined 100+ years of experience we are confident hiring a sales recruiter will be one of the best things you will resolve to this New Year.

As Sales Recruiters Inc we provide innovative employee recruitment, as well as creative retention and training services. We work closely with clients to provide uniquely customized solutions so that they may maintain the highest quality staff.

We specialize in sales from entry level to executive positions, sales is what we do best. We place candidates from diversified backgrounds and experiences; from entry level to sales representatives, account executives to product managers, sales engineers to C-Suite Executives.

Hiring the best staffing service will make a huge impact on your company and lead to you feeling confident with each hire.  Be sure and not wait until your staffing needs are urgent to research and find the right recruiters/ staffing service for you.