Job boards enable a wider audience reach for a longer period of time. The position is posted 24 hours a day seven days a week for as long as you like.

Research indicates that the average age of people using job sites is about 35. The sites are user-friendly so candidates need not be tech savvy to peruse open positions. What’s more  it’s just as easy for you  the employer to post your position. Just have your job description along with your credit card ready.

So what’s the catch? There is the potential for “candidate spam ” an abundance of inappropriate resumes bombarding you. While some candidate-filtering or screening software may be available to help you sift through the pile of incoming resumes  you could find yourself spending quite a bit of time on the process.

Once on the cutting-edge of job search technology job boards are slowly going the way of the Sunday Classifieds. Mobile influence, social media and other technology are changing the way people do almost everything – including search for and apply for jobs. Don’t rule out the job boards  but be wary and be pre- pared.

Job aggregators  such as Simply Hired and Indeed  are search engines that consolidate job postings from many sources. Some are free while others offer pay-per-click models and sponsored models to help move up your posting within the listing category. Job aggregators may also provide you with an onslaught of candidates.