Now that you’ve done all the preparation  you have a set of criteria in mind that your ideal candidate should possess  You will use the interview process to determine if the person being interviewed has the skills  capabilities and personal attributes that you envisioned.

A key component of your interview will be listening in order to determine the candidate’s true competencies, compare the candi- date to your vision of the ideal candidate  and later to distinguish between candidates. A general rule is that you should only spend 20 percent of the time talking  and 80 percent listening to the candidate’s responses.

Most of your questions are geared toward gaining information in three basic areas:

•   Can the candidate do the job?

•   Will the candidate do the job well?

•   What will it cost to hire this candidate?


First and foremost you need to assess the skills  education  experience and aptitude of the candidate  From there it is important to determine whether the candidate’s interests and abilities match those required for the position as well as those of the company It is also critical to evaluate how motivated the candidate is and if he has the personal qualities necessary for the job  Finally when considering a new hire  you are working within a budget  you will need to assess the cost of hiring the candidate  including salary benefits and training.