Community involvement is an integral part of Sales Recruiters, Inc.’s culture and core values. The SRI mission includes the objective “to be socially responsible through philanthropy, community service and the way we operate our business, leading to mutually strengthened social benefit and economic performance”.

At the heart of our commitment is the recognition that the spirit of our company is linked to the health of our communities, and that our communities cannot flourish unless we invest in their future.

Our community investment strives to:

Nurture a sense of community among our clients, candidates, employees, and strategic alliances
Strengthen our relationships, both, locally and globally
Encourage people to be concerned about one another
Leverage existing community resources to maximize the impact we can have on communities and our company

During the month of May we partnered with Wind River Services for their annual walk!

With our partnership and many others (over 300 others) we were able to accomplish the Wind River Services goal of raising $25,000 to continue our cancer retreat and outreach programs going FREE OF CHARGE to survivors.