The 2015 NAPS Annual Conference took place Sept. 28th – 30th and our recruiters were there ready to learn the latest advancements and possibilities for recruiting today.   Included at the conference along with many valuable workshops and seminars, Marilyn Jackson was granted the lifetime achievement award as well as a few of the Barclay Personnel staff were able to receive their NAPS Certified Personnel Consultant’s (CPC) during the conference.

Many thanks to all who worked hard to create such a wonderful few days of learning and career growth for us all.


Marilyn Jackson receives the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2015 NAPS Annual Conference. Pictured left to right; Carolyn Keifer and Deborah Burns (Marilyn’s daughters), Marilyn Jackson and Henry Glickel.


New NAPS Certified Personnel Consultant’s (CPC).   Left to right; James Borghesi, Robyn Sweeney-Glickel, Christina Dubois, Samantha Marin and Jeff Traill all received their CPC Certification at this year’s Annual NAPS Conference in Boston, MA.