Adobe Photoshop PDFThe honeymoon period is the first three months of employment when the employee is taking the opportunity to settle into his new position. During the early stages the employee is getting to know his coworkers, new environment and company procedures and policies soon after the settling-in phase begins in which the employee begins to take on responsibility and establish his routine.

It is important that he be able to clearly identify management’s priorities and expectations and establish solid working relationships within the company. It is also important to help him embrace the corporate culture, including any technology that is new to him.

Mentoring can play a key role during this period of employment. The mentor will introduce the employee to coworkers, help him assimilate into the corporate culture, check to be sure he’s comfortable with all the appropriate technology, and convey a sense of what it takes to be successful within the company.

During the honeymoon period the employee tends to have a height- ened sense of enthusiasm and fulfillment regarding the position because he is full of expectations He is focused on making a good impression with his new employer and wants to convey a positive attitude which helps to generate a period of intense satisfaction

By six months the initial enthusiasm has generally worn off and settles into a more realistic sense of satisfaction During this time when job satisfaction may be depleting to some extent it can be helpful to engage the employee and provide added support if need- ed Offer additional opportunities if possible and work to ensure the employee feels connected and valued.

These cycles of extreme satisfaction and depletion of the intensity of satisfaction are normal in the first six months of employment Understanding this should make it easier to manage and help main-tain the productivity and effectiveness of your onboarding program you are working to build that long-term relationship with your employee and your complete onboarding process will establish a firm foundation for that mutually successful relationship.

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