How to Sell Yourself in an Interview Without Making it All About YouLanding an interview for a position you really want is something to be excited about. You’re one step closer to the job of your dreams and you get a face-to-face chance to make an impression on the hiring manager. Obviously you want to sell yourself and your strong points, but it’s important to do it in a way that doesn’t come across as self-centered or arrogant. Here are a few tips to help you sell yourself in an interview without making it all about you.


Turn it into a narrative. Who didn’t like story time as a child? The truth is, most of us still do as adults. Instead of listing your strengths one by one or simply saying “I have a strong work ethic”, tell a story about a time when that work ethic solved a big problem in a previous job or gave you the determination to lead your team in a new direction. This not only keeps it more interesting, but also provides a more clear example of your strengths in action. As a bonus, interviewers are more likely to remember the person who gave a detailed narrative than the one who just rambled off a list.

Don’t take all the credit (share credit with colleagues). Did you really complete that massive project all alone? Were those improved sales numbers last year just because of your hard work? Even though you’re trying to sell yourself & your skills, be sure to give credit where it’s due. This shows a prospective employer that you’re a team player & will be a quality addition to their company.
Be genuine. We’ve all read the advice articles on how to prep for interviews and exactly how to answer every question imaginable. Don’t go into your interview and recite an answer you found in one of these articles word for word. Although you may be saying all the right things, it won’t matter if it isn’t coming from a genuine place. Employers honestly want to get to know you and how you feel about the questions they’re asking. Plus, you’ll be much happier in the long run with a position you get by being yourself in the interview.