hiring-without-a-skills-gapSearching for and finding the greatest talent for your company is an investment.  Developing a job outline with responsibilities and requirements for each new employee is essential to finding the right hire.

Retention of valued employees starts before each hires first day. No matter how much or how little experience an employee has the first day of a new position is difficult, and as an employer you can prepare to ensure every hire is the best. Employees are excited to start their new position and become confident after multiple interviews and discussions that they can do the job, but do they have the skills stated on their resume to actually do the job??

Master hiring without a skills gap and ensure each candidate hired does in fact have the skills to do the job well just by utilizing a few skills assessments to test candidates on their specific and concrete skills.

Doing the legwork to hire right the first time will save money and avoid quick turnover.  Retention of valued employees can be worked for.  For instance, a writing test may be best for a candidate who will be taking part in a lot of written communication on the job – knowing how a candidates produces content and written material during the interview process will help to ensure the hire has the skills and quality needed to succeed.

Likewise, a coding test might be necessary for a developer, while a test of Excel skills might be the way to ensure a marketing pro can crunch numbers and keep organized.


Hiring without a skills gap is simple, do the legwork upfront to hire right the first time