the-truth-on-office-and-workplace-cultureIt is known that we spend a third of our lives at work.  With so many different personalities, attitudes, and values, “understanding of our individual personality is profoundly important” declares Kerry Schofield, writer for  For many, a job feeds their self-identity, self-esteem, and personal growth.  We achieve our biggest dreams and spend our most difficult days there in the same office, at work.  Schofield put it best when he wrote, “if work was just about making money, it wouldn’t matter so much where we worked.”  This is why cultural fit is so important.  Schofield’s article takes apart the large body of scientific evidence that cultural fit is of value.  He writes about internets and extroverts based on organizational psychologist Adrian Furnham as well as John Moore’s study of the effect of congruence (fit between personality and organization).  The article is fascinating, but certainly not surprising.

As you are looking for a job, permanent or seasonal, take the time to ask questions and experience the culture of a job.  According to Schofield, your happiness, fulfillment and productivity depend on your cultural fit.  Likewise, if you’re looking to hire, brainstorm the style and personalities that would best fit your office culture.

At SRI we pride ourselves on recruiting and placing hires that adapt and more than “just work” for your company. We recruit candidates that are your type of people, the ones that want to help achieve your goals and understand the message and characteristics each employee should possess.  Hiring is a big process and often a risk for most companies- so find the right candidate, not just the one that can do the job.


Check out Schofield’s excellent article, we’d say it’s worth your time reading!