seasonal-worker-v-permanent-employeeHelp Wanted.  Many Americans will be relieved to see these signs are going up in many major retailers.  For most, it is the highest level of hiring in five years!  With black Friday just around the corner, it is time to act on applications and interviews.  Though seasonal employment is temporary, a recent survey said retailers want to focus not just on hiring seasonal workers, but permanent employees. found that the hiring process is starting earlier than ever this year. Many hiring managers expect to complete their hiring in the next two weeks, if not sooner.  As you begin the job hunt, keep in mind that this year’s seasonal hiring could lead to long-term employment.  Many will be let go after a few months, however, it is possible to increase your chances of becoming a permanent staff member.

Show up to work on time, every time.

Common sense to most, but seasonal jobs often draw younger employees (high school and college kids) that do not have the job skills an older, more experienced person would have.  Your reliability will stand out.

Be as flexible as possible with scheduling.

In retail, flexibility is appreciated.  If your schedule allows, cover shifts or even trade.  This will help provide adequate coverage on the sales floor.  If your managers know you are willing to cover shifts, you may be the first person they call if the need arises.

Do what you are asked without questioning or attitude.

Seems simple enough.  However, patience can be on short supply during the holidays and it will be appreciated that you take your job seriously.  Managers notice when someone only has to be asked once to do as task and when constant supervision is not needed.

Treat your seasonal job as you would any other job.

Doing “just enough” will get you by as a seasonal employee.  But, if you put forth you best effort all the time, you will differentiate yourself, you will stand out.  You will be seen as an employee who could fill a permanent position, a “real job”, successfully.