5 Best Tips to Reach Your Sales Goals

 The most successful salespeople have not landed where they are by chance.  It takes planning, hard work, and being able to adapt when needed.  There are many sites devoted to helping you achieve your most lofty sales goals.  We have combed through and found the 5 Best tips to help you reach your sales goals…big or small.


1. You can’t reach a goal unless you set one!

Check out this article from the University of San Francisco focused on the value of putting our goals into practice. Set goals, and go after accomplishing them.


2. Establish an Effective Routine.

Allbusiness.com notes the importance of daily actions in sales.  If we obsess about the future only the achievement of the goal is the reward.  We can let out daily actions we take toward achieving our goals be part of the reward.  A well designed weekly routine that allow you to concentrate on supporting your objectives will keep you focused, organized, reduce stress, and enhance your lifestyle.


3. Work smarter, not harder.

Paperwork is often the last thing we want to deal with when we go to work.  Let’s just be honest, no one really likes to do paperwork.  However, it’s part of the job.  Take a little time each day to keep records, store notes and reports.  Steven J. Schmidt from Prosalesguide.com says, “the better notes and records you keep, the more you’ll be able to increase your sales.”  Find a method that works for you; hard file, Excel, notes apps, voice recorder, etc.


4. Ask for help.

A well written and easy to read article from John Doerr at RAINsalestraining.com places importance on establishing a “goal partner.”  This can be one person you trust or a small group of people.  Once per month, Doerr encourages, meet with this group and review what you’re doing and where you’re headed.  Having a different perspective can help you achieve more and let go of hassles that are holding you back.


5.  A good sales person is always learning.

Debbie Allen, one of the leading authorities on sales and marketing put it this way, “Don’t give up.”  Salespeople who want to be effective and achieve their goals are continually watching, asking questions, changing and trying something new.  It is the nature of the job to get discouraged from time to time.  Allen even mentions doubting yourself.  Keep moving toward your goals and don’t be afraid to try something new.