Turn on your local news and you’ll hear about economy stability and economic increase but the unemployment rates continue to plummet.  And is job security even a thing anymore?


Overall unemployment in some regions is on the decline, but many believe that’s due to the number of workers quitting the search and taking part-time positions. Not to forget the US government a few months back recovered from a shutdown causing thousands without work and pay for days on end.  The economy and U.S at first glace may seem to be improving, but over all is it really? We can’t say it is.


The continual struggle for employment has left many Americans hating their jobs.


Here’s the three top reasons for the hatred:


  1. More work, less pay.

Layoffs happen daily in companies of every size, but still the same work load  and responsibilities has to be completed by those left employed. Employees are continually expected to do more with less since employees have been laid off or are not being hired as quickly as seen reasonable.


  1. You’re left feeling empty after 40+ Hours in the office.

Despite most spending over forty hours in the office working to complete all said overly ridiculous and reasonable responsibilities – employees leave the office with no sense of accomplishment or pride.


  1. It’s a two-way street of non-commitment.

Between employers and employees alike, there’s a lack of commitment to the job. In generations passed, individuals would work at the same company for decades on end, fully committed to that companies growth and success. Today, employees bounce between careers and jobs regularly – due to the lack of commitment on both parties ends.