College grads have officially hit the marketplace searching for quality jobs.  With a little luck and some quality studying, there will be a fresh batch of new grads seeking employment after the holidays.  Though they might not have a resume packed with work experience, new graduates are actively pursing things they are passionate about.  Recent grads bring an essential skill set when they enter the work force.  When interviewed for a Fast May 2013 article , Mike Steinerd, a veteran director of recruiting, placed great importance at looking beyond the resume and “into the face of the candidate.”


Past performance is usually a good indicator of future success.  In some cases, resumes may be void of an impressive work history.  Don’t focus on what’s missing, take the opportunity to ask questions that will reveal the persons character.  Questions such as: What have they done in the life to make a difference?  Why did they choose one path versus another? Have you had experience volunteering? are a great starting point.  Often these questions will reveal a potential employees thought process and personal drive.  Listen closely to a candidates answers.  How they answer questions could show creativity, determination, tenacity, leadership, relationship strengths, etc.  It is also vital for you to understand their aspirations and interests.


Lydia Dishman, a business journalist for Fast Company, brings attention to companies want for “whole self” workers.  When hiring, this means employers must take their eyes off the resume and look up to see a more “holistic view” of a candidate, says Dishman.  New grads hold a desire to succeed and potential for innovation.  They only need opportunity.