If you’re focusing too much on degrees and certifications, you may be overlooking people with useful, varied experience.  Ask yourself – What is talent? What does talent consist of?

Talent looks and displays in a large variety of ways, sometimes beyond what ordinarily we would imagine or look for.  When hiring, it’s essential to expand the mindset of what talent is and where it comes from.


Example: Let’s say you’re hiring a project manager – Ideally you look on resumes for candidates with previous management skills, you want to see a list of completed projects in their career. But project management can be much broader and a gained experience from vast circumstances.

A military vet, for one, may not seem to have project management experience as you would typically view it within the office setting, but in reality, has more project management experience than most people in the world.  Consider how the experience like this can translate into an office work environment.

For your next hire, focus less on the degree and certifications and more on the skills gained from the variety of life experiences people bring- and you may land your greatest hire yet.