What makes top salespeople? Are they born this way or can one be created?  Regardless, what makes top salespeople the best are their qualities.  Who are they in and out of the office? How do they respond to challenge? What happens when they don’t meet their goals?

It’s essential to define what makes top salespeople, then find that, or begin creating them.  We’ve outlined a few qualities we know make the top salespeople.


Knows their disciplines

A well seasoned sales person upon hiring will know several processes and procedures they like to apply for success.   Having a process that produces results is often “half the battle” for any new hire.  Listen to their processes and see how they could produce within your company.



A top sales person never complain about not having the correct materials, staffing, etc. They make what needs to happen, happen regardless of external circumstance.  There will always be reasons and excuses for sales goals not being met and life happening around each of us, a great sales person perseveres through the unknown and unplanned to meet goals regardless.


Quick Learner

Any good sales person is going to be quick and sharp.  Learning the newest technologies, strategies, and products are essential for success.  The longer it takes one to overcome any learning curves, the less he/ she produces.  It’s essential to hire salespeople who are well educated and can extremely quickly show comprehension and application to anything learned.


They are liked in and out of the office

It’s easy to find someone who performs well, but a real star is hired when they are loved both in and out of the office by coworkers and their community.  Having a team that works well together and desires to succeed as one team, rather than individuals is immeasurable in regards to the opportunity for success.


Problems are not problems

Everyone has problems and issues, how we handle them defines our character.  Top salespeople face problems and solve them without involving everyone or creating a huge scene.  Specifically, when mistakes are made, they own up, learn from them and move forward.