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5 Ways to Generate Office Cheer

It’s no denial many Americas hate their job.  When surveyed over 50% of today’s workforce say their current job is boring and they are unhappy with their coworkers and workplace environment. How can that hatred be changed and a little office cheer bought into your…

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5 Things You Should Never Say at Work

We’ve complied a list from Career Monster of the Top things to avoid saying at work and added our own tips and advice! Avoid using the following five phrases at work and getting “your foot stuck in your mouth”.  You cannot take words back, so…

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8 Time Wasters Successful People Avoid

1. Constant email checking- Email kills time, and a lot of time.  Commit to checking your inbox 2 or 3 times daily and that’s it.  Turn off all notifications and focus on what really needs to be done, rather than responding to a bunch of…

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Negotiating Your Salary/Benefits in a Job Offer

Negotiating Your Salary/Benefits in a Job Offer: You may have been offered a job and in the process of negotiating or you may be in the trenches looking for advice to negotiate some changes.  Either way, it is important to know the market before you…

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3 Key Tips For Getting Hired Over the Age of Forty:

Looking for a job is hard right out of college, young and fresh, but looking for a job over the age of forty can be an even harder challenge in many situations. It can certainly be done, and great men and women over the age…

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Choosing a Staffing Service: Get Referrals

When looking to hire a sales manager, executive or admin it is essential to use a staffing service (read more on why here).  Staffing services come in all forms and fashions.   Some staffing services provide high- level executives, some focus on a special skill like…

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How Big is Your Database??

There are many factors that play into finding the perfect candidate to fill each position.  There are also many opinions and philosophies on how it is best to find those candidates.  Here’s a note from one of SRI’s most talented recruiters and his perspective on…

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Rev Up Your Resume

Life changes.  We adapt and move forward.  In the job market, often that means making a few tweaks to our resume.  Kim Isaacs, a Resume Expert, wrote an excellent article about applying for jobs that would cause you to relocate.  Though employers would rather…

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Tackling Your First Day

A new sales position can be intimidating, writes Doug O’Grady of Sales Force Recruitment Agency.  “Not only do you need to impress your new employer, but you also need to meet your own sales goals and build rapport with customers.”   A Fortune Magazine statistic has…

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